have i taken risk?

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Subject: have i taken risk?
  i have applied for pr ubder fsw in july 2006,and received letter from new delhi for offer of refund prior to processing, i accepted thier offer and opted for refund and they sent a letter that my file has closed and i qualify for the refund.meanwhile my spouse has applied under new rule and sent her file to cpu canada under new rule because she is qualified and comes under 38 occupations list(0111),she has done MBA(finance),AND passed ielts with 7 bands,before this i was the principal applicant and now she is the principal applicant,before receiving old refund she applied and send a new fees with the application,now i don´t comes under new 38 list but she is.now the question is that have i taken risk,can the file be rejected or not,and how long would it take to complete the initial review because approx one month has passed and i have not received the file number.please help and guide.
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No risk, If she is qualified for one of the 38 NOC code, you have done the right thing. Getting an AOR will take a while, dont panic.

Reportedly it would take 6 to 12 months to complete the process. In some CHC may possibly take longer depending on amount of work. Its all too early to say if it would. But you did the right thing, so dont worry.


Ray Masa
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