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When I took landing last year I did not submit my goods to follow list. Now I am going to migrate. Can I take used furniture, used computers, used TV and others household goods? They can easily see that they are used.Will I be charged customs duty?
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That´s going to be a tough call, not having done a "Goods List". Border officials will make a determination as to what, if any, customs tax you owe. Technically, it´s as if you, as a resident, went on a foreign trip and returned with all these goods that would normally have been acquired in Canada.

I think there´s much discretion with the border officer, and much of your goods could be taxed, depending on how new they appear. You may want to call border services and ask them their opinion. They´re quite helpful over the phone.

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Most of it is old furniture bought over a period of 6 years - more than the commercial value these old pieces have sentimental value. What is the maximum percentage of duty they could charge on used furniture / used TV / used computer?
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It depends how long you were outside of Canada since landing. If gone one year or more, you´d be considered to be "moving back to Canada". In that case, you can bring in all your personal goods without import duty (but the value of any single item cannot exceed $10,000 CDN).

If your goods can be shown to have been manufactured in the U.S. or Canada, they also would be duty-free under the NAFTA treaty. No time limit here.

Otherwise, you´re allowed what´s called personal exemptions. Personal exemptions allow you to bring goods of a certain value into Canada without having to pay duty and taxes on them.

Depending on how long you were gone, goods up to this value would not be taxable for duty. This is per person:

24 hours - $50
48 hours - $400
7 days - $750

The last thing to try is talk to border services and explain the situation. They may give you a break if you explain the intention was to have filed a Goods List.

Duty tax is about 14% (GST 7% + provincial 7%).

You can read up on at:


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