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Subject: FSW rules ammendment update

"With this funding, CIC has begun recording occupational information for applications in the current skilled worker backlog. The Department will be referring applications of interest to the provinces and territories for possible processing under the Provincial Nominee Program. CIC is also working toward increasing capacity and efficiency in missions with the largest backlogs, centralizing the receipt of applications, and reconfirming the intentions of applicants facing the longest wait times."

Meaning, those application in-line prior to Feb.27, 2008 are being recorded like a database and then will be referring applications to the provincial nominee program for each provinces? If my understanding is correct, this is an excellent move!

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My understanding that all these new rules will affect applications submitted after Feb 27/08

Applications prior to this date will be processed as usual. However, as always, those with jobs waiting for them when they arrive in canada will be priotirized.

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Yes you are right! I read it again!

they are recording the occupations with backlog!
anyway, still hoping for the best!

status of fee refund (in reply to: FSW rules ammendment update)
pl clarify that I applied under skilled workers category in 2007. now I have applied for fee refund in March this year via mail. how much time taken to reach the refund fee.

is there any website through which i can check the status of my fee refund application


Inderjit singh
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