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  Hello guys,

I just received PPR..funny thing my E-CAS has not changed ( I don´t care).Two weeks ago I made an inquiry to CIC London and said BG check is outstanding. My undestading is that if you DON´T push the CIC they don´t do anything.It´s funny after my inquiry( I made inquiry twice March and July /2008) it´s happened.I am happy. Thank yoy guys. I will keep posting.

My time line AOR MAY/2005
IA Jan/2007
Updated info: SEP/2007
Updated info and Med November 2007

PPR July 2008

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Did you email them, OR used the online enquiry form? What is their email ID?
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Well done Tariq! Good for you... I am happy for you... but must confess I feel a bit jelous too! :O) you and I have very similar timelines!

I was just reading about someone who wrote to CIC to inquire about the status of their application via email and got a passport request on an email shortly after!

I was thinking about emailing them but I am too afraid to do so... I don´t want to upset them or appear pushy...

I wish you the best... please keep posting and good luck!

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Thank you. Here is the link:


When I read that PPR I noticed that they put the date 12.7.2007 and my enquiry was answer 10.7.2008.

Lily, I would suggest you to do that inquiry cause sometimes even BG check is over CIC does not know about that ( since BG check is done by other organization). Beside that in CIC website it says 80% application approved within 38 months ( mine was one of them)..you better give a shot.

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Hi, Mr. Tariq, Conguratulations on receiving PPR.
My medicals are done on June 08, 2008, and I am eagerly waiting for the PPR. I go to post office (here in Kuwait) to check my mail box everyday, expecting the PPR. Is it possible that if I request CIC-to email me the passport request, when they send the PPR, so that I avoid somany visits to my post office.

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Thank you.CIC LONDON won´t sent you PPR through email. Usually it takes 3-4 months to get a PPR.
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