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Subject: My Dilemma
Hi all. Just wanted to get your feedbacks on my prospect of securing a tourist visa.

Firstly I am a Kenyan National living and residing in Nairobi, Kenya.

I am self employed and do not have much money in my both foreign and both local current accounts here. (Tentatively US$4k). Will this be enough? I do have the means to wire US$130K from my joint family account with UBS in Z?rich and deposit it with my local bank here. Will this large sum of money be suspect if it?s from single source and transaction. I do have Etrade account to prove the money came from them.

I can provide this money also as a security voucher for my return (locked in a designated account till my return). Is this even possible, or such facility is not available.

Since I am self employed and full time independent trader, do I qualify to apply for a business visa or a tourist one? I will also be exploring counterpart facility for foreign exchange derivatives products from RBC and other local banks while there.

Do I need an invitation from someone there? I won?t be able to provide it. Will this work against me?

I do have extensive travel trips to Hong Kong, Z?rich and Dubai for work purposes, twice yearly to be exact for past three years. Will applying and possibly getting a US tourist visa aide me in anyway before I apply for the Canadian visa as I am likely to get the US visa with ease.

I intend to be specific on my travel details and possibly correspond with the trading houses of prospective banks before applying for the visa. Is this of any use?

It would have been nice if there were physical interviews so explain myself more candidly.

Any suggestions folks and thank you in advance.

PS: I am 29yrs old single guy.

Cial All.

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