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Subject: Family sponsor Questions
  Im really glad to have found this site. Seems like every day I get more and more confused about my situation and am hoping maybe someone here can shed some light for me on my many questions!!!!

My boyfriend (who is Dominican) and I have been together for just over a year. He is currently in Canada on a multiple entry vistors visa (the code on the visa is W, although he is not allowed to work in Canada) He is a profesional athlete. His Visa is valid thru January 08 - this is his second multiple entry canadian visa and he has a US one valid for 10 years.

We have recently gotten engaged and would like to get married in February in the Dominican Republic.

Problem / Question number one - I have just learnt that a woman must be divorced for 10 months prior to be being able to marry in the DR. Although I have been seperated for 5 years - my ex and I were kinda lazy with the paperwork and the divorce is not yet final. The lawyer told me it could take another two months before finalized. THEREFOR what Im thinking of doing is getting married legally at city hall here in Quebec and then travelling to the Dominian Republic for a ceremony/reception/ PARTY there. Will this affect the validity of the marriage in the eyes of immigration?? ALSO - I have been told that it is faster if we file the paperwork out of canada. Can we be married here in Canada and take the paperwork for the family sponsorship to the Dominican Republic to be filed there??

Question 2: were are planning/hoping for him to get another multiple entry visa just prior to the marriage when the current one expires - will the marriage and filing of the paperwork affect his ability to travel to and from Canada/US/Dominican Republic during the processing period.

And finally - My boyfriends birth certificate was issued some 5 years after his actual birth...apparently this is common in the DR. I read somewhere that immigation Canada will not accept a birth certificate that was issued a certain amount of time after the birth...can anyone tell me if this is true and if so what will they accept??

Thank you SO SO much to anyone who can answer any of these questions for me!!!

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I can only comment on one thing in your message, that is the birth certificate. If something hasn´t gone wrong previously regading birth certificates from DR then i am confident to say that CIC does not have any problem with the date of issue of Birth Certificates. My dad´s application is currently in process and he had no birth certificate at all. So i requested one and issue date was 60 years after his birth date and it is gladely accepted. I dont think birth certificate should be an issue.

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