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Subject: work permit inluded with sponsoring application
mi question is... will my husband be able to work before getting the response from the sponsoring application within canada that we are going to send? i recall that i am pregnant and do not work currently and we already have an 18 month old daughter
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Okay common sense Natashka.

If you go on welfare your no longer eligible to sponsor your spouse/partner. Now people like me are forbidden by law to tell anyone to work without authorization.

But lets not pretend to be a little angel either.

He is here and either in status as a Visitor or Student because if he was here on a work permit your question would make no sense. Or he is out of status------so how long has he been here, WHICH IS IT?

Natashka everyone here is told to submit outside of Canada because its faster and the sponsor can appeal a negative decision.

So he or you want him here for the birth of the child----understandable.

Everyone needs to pay bills and eat.

There is suppose to be 400,000 undocumented workers in Canada and that does not include refugee claimants who have a work permit. That is people who are admitted temporarily and just stay and work.

So what would happen if the number went up to 400,001?

Did that answer your question Natashka?

How about this question.

Would an Immigration officer rather have people who are here illegally in Canada on welfare and causing the Immigration Officers taxes to be increased or would he prefer the same individual to work and support his family like any husband should attempt to do?

Its your personal circumstances that controls ones behavior.

You should have done an outside of Canada application but......sometimes it is necessary to do an In Canada application.

What ever you two decide may the sun shine on your family.


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yes u do make a lot of sense. but what s the process to follow? we are planning to apply for the in canada sponsoring process since the baby s birth is really soon. he is however here as a visitor and we only have 6 months to figure out what to do. what s ur advise?
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I bet the Russian community where you live may have some helpful hints. I know of some Indians whose spouse came to visit and the visit visa was extended at least once before they had to leave the country. This means, you could possibly extend his visa in-land. However, I also know that once the visa was extended once, the visiting spouse had to return to their home country for further processing of sponsorship. If you are a PR you could apply while he is here or apply after he returns home. To sort out all the possibilities, I am afraid you have to talk to a qualified attorney. In cases where the resident person (in Canada) is a PR, the spouse returned and a sponsorship application was filed and the spouse could then come back to Canada on visit and stay till the PR came through. I am not sure about the exact details of process.

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