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Subject: my rights in canada
  hello there,
I am 24 years old and a graduate from England. I came to Canada when my mom married a man and at that time I was in college, so I qualified under the dependant category. My step dad sponsored the application.
I came to Canada in 2007 May shortly after graduating from England. I lived with my mother and her husband and the understanding was that I can stay with him whilst I am looking for a suitable job. In September I got a job that lasted for only 4 months since I had enrolled in a program at a college.
although my mother wants me to stay in the house, her husband is giving her grief since her arrival. He has been abusive to her on numerous occasions and when I interfered while he was swearing at her he said that he wants me out of the house.
I am just wondering since I came on a dependents visa, and I am currently dependent on my mother since I am not earning, do I have a right to live in this house, at least till the time I find a job?
Much appreciated

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This is a free country, you have the right to live where ever you want.

Are you and your mom Permanent Residents?


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you have a right to live where you want, but your step father also has a right to ask you to move out.
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The house where you live is half your mothers but.... pushing that issue would cause grief to your mother so weigh your options.

Never make a decision in anger always wait until you´re in a position of power to negotiate.


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