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Subject: Where to send the passport

I have received a letter from CIC stating that, the PR is approved and I need to send my passport to them with photos and fee. My question are,
1-> Where do I need to send the passport? Is the the same address which is indicated in the top of the letter? (Immigration section, 1251 Avenue, NewYork, 10020-1175). Please confirm the address.

2-> What kind of postal service do I need to use it for sending the passport? Which is the reliable service?
3-> How long would it take to get the passport to get it back?
4-> Also I have see the important noticie that, if you get any child born during this period, I not suppose to send the passport. But my child born in Canada and now I´m applying for passport for my kid soon. What is an advice in this case? Do I need to send my passport or not?

Thanks in advance,

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