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Subject: Responsibilities as the Sponsor?
  Hello there.

After living with my husband for a year and 6 or 7 months i decided that I can´t live with him under his parents roof, if it comes down to it, what are my responsibilities as the sponsored and what are his responsibilities as the sponsor? He was able to provide me with an undertaking but I decided to leave and he wants to live with me just not under the current living situation (a bedroom), I left a big home and no problems living at all to come to a bedroom and decided to support myself. I´m just wondering (as my decision to live on my own) did I do anything wrong? Thank you before hand and if you could provide me with any information on top of what I have asked it would be greatly appreciated.


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I assuming you currently have your PR status.

in the case of a marriage breakdown - the sponsored has no responsibilities under CIC rules.

the Sponsor has signed an undertaking with the Canadian government which will not end until 3 years from the date of landing, regardless of your marital status.

it is unfortunate that your relationship has been put in this difficult situation. I am not sure I could handle a bedroom at my inlaws either.

The only rules that you might be bound by are the personal ethics kind. If you can manage on your own without any sort of government assistance, then you will be sparing your husband from any undertaking responsibilities.

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My name is Dee Esquivel Arias my husband and I have bene married for 3 years he has lived in canada for 2 of those years he works full time and at this time we are having marital and other problems he has decided he needs to tak a break away from our relationship and get his own place for maybe a few months. He is not sure if this seperation is short term or long term possibly we will get back together. My question is what is my legal obligation being his sponser
Dee Esquivel
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nothing has changed in terms of your sponsorship obligations. Should he require and claim government assistance within the term of your undertaking (3 years from date of landing) the government has the right to come and ask you to pay any money they have given him.
Responivilites of the sponsor (in reply to: Responsibilities as the Sponsor?)
I have sponsored my mother a couple of years ago. She is a PR since then. I realize that I have a 10 year obligation to support her. She would like to start living of her own. She does have a job and is able to support herself, yet I worry about debt and other than social assistance expenses. Am I responsible if to pay off her debts as well if that happens?
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i sponsored my husband and kids here but just 1 month of landing my husband moved out the house and because of marriage breakdown as well, he has a good job and dnt give financial support for the kids. Can i file child support then for them and he is threatening me that i should be still supporting him financially, is that true?and when can i file our divorce?
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I sponsored my wife from Jamaica when can I get a divorce from her and how long would I be responsible for her. She came up 6 months ago she works I want the divorce but she doesn´t want a divorce. Not in love with her anymore.
sean brown
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Still waiting for response
sean brown
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Hi we sponsored our parents last year they landed and now they say they don´t like to stay here and they are ready to go back to back home and they will never come back. according to the sponsorship agreement there is 10 years bond with government. actually we have three kids and we both working in this situation can we sponsor our aunty who is in back home. pls reply me.


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