having BABY in Canada for to get visa

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Subject: having BABY in Canada for to get visa
  I´m japanese.My husband is Jamaican.My 2years old son has canadian citizen(becouse I born my son in canada)and I´m pregnant right now.Actually my husband applied the visiting visa last year on may.But he failed.He wanna apply the visitng visa again now for I´m going to having baby in Canada.I wanna go to have baby in Canada becouse of my first son is canadian.If he get the visiting visa and go canada,After when he wanna extend the visa,it gonna hard to get the visa becouse of having baby? And I have to extend the visa too.It gonna hard for me to get the visa too?
Or I better to have baby in Japan after go canada.....?
He suppose to apply the fedral skilled worker class this year(score about 68).But it gonna take long to get.We don´t have enough time becouse of our situation bad right now.I really consider what is good for us.I really need sonmeone´s opinion.Please let me know.

I´m sorry about my English is not good.Thank you for reading anyway.

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