Received a Removal Order, what can I do?

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Subject: Received a Removal Order, what can I do?
  My family and I received a removal order from CIC after a failed refugee claim and appeals. We have been working in Canada for several years now and I don´t know what else to do. I believe that me and my family now qualify under the point system. Is it to late to even consider the possibility?
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You and your family got a removal order as soon as you and your family filed your refugee claim. It was CONDITIONAL but a removal order that became effect 15 days after loosing your ref claim.

I´m betting that you are not even aware that no appeal was filed in your families case. I hear this comment daily and it makes me sick......

When someone looses a refugee claim it can be due to a silly stupid comment made due to nerves or the IRB member hearing too many bogus claims from the same country. Or any additional number of reasons. Then (LAWYERS) hold out the pipe dream LET´S APPEAL!!!

To have an appeal (heard) Legal counsel must file an APPLICATION FOR LEAVE TO APPEAL to the Federal court. Then Legal counsel must prove to the court that the IRB member erred in Law by not allowing certain evidence into the hearing or some other factor. Chance of getting to a full Appeal and winning less then 1%!!!!!!! AVERAGE COST $2,300.00

For you and your family to return on a temporary basis (work permit, student permit) or as a Permanent Resident (FSW, PNP dependents etc.) you and all of your family will have to seek authorization to return. You will have to admit that your family made a refugee claim and write a letter requesting authorization to retur. Additional cost $400.00 Canadian per applicant.

This process is possible see my first success story off my WEB site.

Depending on your level of establishment and when it occured in Canada and all other factors your family could still be approved under H&C.

Have your family been called to a Pre Removal Risk Assessment interview yet?


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Your country of origin is important in refugee matters as some countries do not qualify as a refugee country according to the United Nations.
However, each case is judged on its own merit.

You will have to do a Pre Removal Risk Assessment as a last resort.
Or you can return to your home country and file as a Skilled Worker but you will have to get clearance first from the IRB and pay the necessary fees as the previous post stated.
Always check for references before hiring a lawyer or consultant. Many cases are lost because of bad advice and bad preparation.

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Thank you for your replies. We have received a Pre Removal Risk Assessment and have 15 days to file, only with new evidence of why we cannot leave.

As for the matter of some countries that do not qualify as a refugee countries, is this true worldwide, or is this a Canada thing?

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All countries qualify as a Refugee country. If you have a well founded fear of persecution and your evidence is credible any person from any country will be given refuge in Canada!!!

I do not wish to put words in Mr. Persaud´s mouth but refugee claimants from certain countries were the situation is basically lawlessness (like Guyana) affects all in general so there would be no individual reason to grant protection. American´s are constantly seeking protection and once in a while one wins.

Two years ago the majority were from countries like Hungary, Costa Rico and Mexico. Last evening I called a call from a Mexican young male who got educated in the USA and worked illegally in the USA and then crossed the border illegally into Canada made a refugee claim, went on welfalre so he would get legal aid so that his Lawyer would be paid to represent him on his well founded fear of persecution.

The 20 something Mexican was upset he had never met his legal counsel.

Anything we do with our five senses we interpret. Sometimes Mr. Persaud´s interpretation is way off for a certain reason......


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Please read my response carefully and stop writing nonsense. Put on your glasses and read, you are supposed to be a professional, act like one please.
My posting said, " your country of origin is important in refugee matters as some countries do not qualify as a refugee country according to the United Nations. However each case is judged on its own merit".

Isn´t that the same thing you are trying to tell Debbie?
What is so different from what I am saying and what you are saying? I see no difference. But you need to show your presence, never mind it is garbage.
A refugee claimant from the Congo, Darfur or Colombia will be taken more seriously than a claimant from the USA, Guyana or Trinidad but as I said everyone is eligible from any country, as each case is judged on its own merit.

I hate to debate nonsense.

Debbie, you have to attend the PRRA hearing and walk with new evidence proving your establishment in Canada, why you should remain here, why you cannot return to your home country, hardship and danger to be faced if you return, humanitarian reasons for you to remain in Canada etc.

Finally, Roy if you are so knowledgeable and seems to have the correct answer for every problem, why are you not winning every case that comes before you?. If you were so successful as others might think, why have a one-man operation, your office should be busy with hundreds of clients and dozens of back up staff.

It is this same reason, that I do not like to respond to techical questions and prefer to advise my client in person.

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Ohh Gosh,

It is funny that Balwant wrote not too long ago in a different subject "The only thing that I do not like is when people are attacking others personally, attack the message but not the messenger"

And all the sudden he posted the message above against a very respectable member of this forum.

Contradiction puts credibility on the edge.

Laws regarding Customs and Immigration have to be followed as per the manuals, if not are easy to drop in a court of law.

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Sorry Bill,
Sometimes it is difficult to separate the messenger from the message when you are attacking. There is no hard feelings between myself and Roy, within an hour we will be having our pints.

But if officers were using and following those manuals/regulations/laws why so many cases ended up at the Immigration Appeal Division, the Federal Court and the Supreme Court.
And you know what, many decisions by Visa officers are overturned at these hearings.

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Hi There, MY Family and I really need some advise as to what to do. we have actually applied for refuge when we first came to canada in 2001, However that was denied . WE then apply for Human and Compassionate grounds which was never heard . We received a letter to report the Removal office on Airport road which we did and got a PRRA Application, my lawyer advise us not to take the PRRA so we didn´t now we got a Removal date to go back to our home country. Please let me know if Attending FEderal COurt will help to stop the Removal.... Someone please reply to me.


Removal order (in reply to: Received a Removal Order, what can I do?)
Hi Shelly, six months after my deportation, life has not gotten any better, and I feel sorry for any person to be treated like cheap supermarket garbage, like I have been treated by immigration Canada. I am personally creating a website to let as many people as possible know to NEVER apply as a regugee or immigrant in Canada. Its not worth waiting 10 years for your case to be heard like mine. To get to federal court, you have to go through a lawyer after the PRRA is filed, to be heard. The judge that heard my case laughed at me and told me my case was immediately denied. The judge said his reputation and his credibility would not allow an appeal. I wasted so many thousands of dollars and wasted life in Canada. I lost a tenth of my life, I felt like I was imprisoned in that country. If you do go back to your country, please spread the word to anyone thinking to go to Canada. 10 years is a long time to lose of anyone´s life. It will be very painful and traumatic, and very emotional. I am sorry you are going through this as I have.
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Hi i was a refugee in Canada in 2007 to 2009 my claim was denied .I appeal it i went to border service they tell me to cancel the claim ,i did it next thing they tell me i have 30 days to leave .I buy my family ticket an leave on my own.I return to my Country and went to the POLICE and asked for Protection they reply go back to Canada , i went to housing to help me they reply it is a waiting system.I apply for resettlement from out side with police report that my life is not safe. I try to enter and they say i was deported i have all the papers,I fear for my life i dont live in my country and is still trying to return to Canada what can i do know.