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Subject: sw landing experience at YVR
  I landed on Saturday at Vancouver airport, having flown in from the US.

First the airline lost my bag .....

Got in line at immigration, we got there just after Philippines airlines and Cathay Pacific planes did, meaning the line was long (~90 minutes).

The immigration agent was wonderful. Very friendly, asked the normal questions "ever arrested... denied entry etc".

Told us we have to be in canada 2 of every 5 years.

we had a slight discrepancy in our paperwork, i was common-law, my wife was married - we were married during the immigration process and did advise the consulate. she fixed that.

She gave us an address notification form so we we have a permanent address we can get our PR card mailed out.

Gave instructions on getting our goods into Canada.

What was odd is that they didn´t ask for a list of goods to follow (we had it). We don´t need that till our stuff actually arrives.

We also didn´t have to show proof of funds, possibly because i said i was getting a transfer with work.

anyway, the agent was extremely helpful and friendly. really, she made us at ease after 2 1/2 years of paperwork. We did it all ourselves, no lawyers. it wasn´t hard, just slow.

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Congratulations, James. Great that you did this all on yor own.

I´m concerned about submitting your "goods to follow" list at time of landing. I hope you gave it to them even if they didn´t ask. You should (if you have one), otherwise bringing your stuff later might be a problem.

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Congrats James and lots of good luck for your future in Canada



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