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Subject: Craziest Immigration HELP !!!!!!
  I very sorry but i feel i need to vent my frustration at the Canadian immigration on a whole........

I?m a British citizen who has studied and worked in the tourism industry in both the UK and Spain, and i absolutley love Canada i have family there and my dream is to someday call myself a Canadian in what ever way i can (work permit PR or Citizen). Now i have been told by many people that BC and Alberta are crying out for tourism and hospitality staff. Then i look on the government of Canada web site for immigration and this sector is on the most wanted list, so much so that they will speed up the process of the LMO on these specfic jobs in BC and Alberta because they are so in need. So feel my frustration when i contact some hotels who have had vacancies for 1 to 2 months and had no joy so they are happy to hear from me, BUT here it comes once two employers looked down the possibility of taking me on they found that because of the classing of these occupations on the NOC list i can only have a work permit for 12 months then i have to leave the country for 4 months before i can apply again. And of course this lead the two hotels to say to me why would we want to employ someone knowing they are going to leave in 12 months and we will have the same problem again in 12 months they would rather keep looking for someone local or Canadian spend time looking now and then they don?t have to do it again in 10 to 12 months. What is the government of Canada upto its as if they don?t actually want these positions to be filled this is CRAZY. Its as if they do not actually appreciate people who are there on work permits, they merely want you in for 12 mmonths in the hope that after that Canada would of sorted this out and you can go and a Canadian can have the job that you have done and they got what they needed from you. In other words we will use you when we need you and when we don?t YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOOD BYE. As you can see i?m quite enragged by all of this, but only because i genuinley adore Canada and its people i have never felt so at home in any country not even my own.......... But the thinking behind the government, made me almost feel like i was dealing with some kind of BUSH regime as in your good when i need you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to go on Guys but i need to get it out


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I like to rant and rave too but their information is not quite correct. Regulation 11 will allow you to reaaply for a two year work permit if the employer gets a LMO or is pre-approved.

Part of the problem is the pre-approval process that does not inform anyone which employer is or is not pre-approved and how many positions are pre-approved.

Then due to your skill level or the occupation the employer has to pay for transportation of the foreign employee.


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Hi roy the company have already said they are willing to pay for my travel and what they will do is take a bit each month for 4 to 5 months out of my pay check to cover this which im more than hapy with, (i would happy to pay for it myself but they said i can not). My question is then roy if i get an LMO at the begining and a one year work permit then they can actually extend it near then end for another two years? Is this what you are saying because if so i would be willing to do so, i´m just not to happy myself as well with going for just one year then having to leave no matter what any help would be great?
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If I get time today in the office I´ll copy and paste regulation 11. You could find the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act online and normally at the bottom is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

You can also go to the web site and click on and go to applications in Canada and see that you can extend work permits.


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