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Subject: Letter sent to the FBI (form PC-1)
  hey guys,

i´m applying as an american spouse of a canadian. i just got my fingerprints done and am about to send the letter to the FBI; however, i´m looking at form PC-1 "Authorization by visa applicant for release for police and court records" and they want you to fill out your addresses and dates of residence in the US in this tiny, tiny box. Can i attach another typed sheet with these addresses and just right in the box "see attached sheet"?

also, it asks for the info for your spouse/common-law partner... do i have to type up my husband´s information too, even though he´s a canadian?

thanks so much!!

I think were almost on the same step (in reply to: Letter sent to the FBI (form PC-1))
I am married to a canadian myself and I am the american spouse. When I sent my thing in to the FBI I sent them the fingerprint sheet the police gave me and then a money order for like $18 to the US Treasury. I dont see any harm if you just put "See attached information" or something like that on there. Im not even sure if I sent the PC-1 Letter there at all though. I remember sending 3 things, the money order, the fingerprint card and a sheet of paper that the police gave me to get the fbi background information.

I have been filling everything out for my wife, since im going to her. but for additional family info, no you don´t have to put him in there, its just people that are coming with you. If you go to that www.cic.gc.ca site and go to the guide section for the family sponser thing (Im sure you´ve been there before) but go to the HTML guide and click on how to fill out the application and it goes pretty much step by step on what the questions is really asking.

what I am having a difficult time with is knowing if theres anything against people who are applying and then trying to visit canada while the paperwork is being processed? well anyways, hopefully I helped you out.


Randy C.
(in reply to: Letter sent to the FBI (form PC-1))
All I did was send my fingerprint card and $18 to the US Treasury. And I got the results back in a month and half. If you´re in a hurry, put the date that you need the results on the back of the envelope and state the reason (which IMMIGRATION).
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