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Subject: Autistic child
I have a two year old son with mild autism. I applied under SW category in Aug 2007. Would my application be rejected after medicals.

Please help.

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I don´t think anyone here could accurately predict what will happen to your application. You cannot hide the information from the CIC doctor so everything will depend on your sons situation at that time of his medical exam.

I suspect you may have to wait it out to find the answer to your question.

best of luck to you.

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my child 5 yrs has also mild autism at the time when we applied and we didnt tell the doctor but the come to know through the behaviour of yhe kid they told me that they will not mentioned that but its better to show ur child to specialist. and we got the PR and we landed in canada. my wife she read in the cic that autism chilg will not effect in immigration in cic website. you can check taht, best luck for u and family
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Anonymous - Can you tell me where in the CIC website this is mentioned. Thanks for your help.
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I have an autistic daughter too (9), she goes to special school and may need special school too in BC. The Canadian embassy in Peru wrote us this:

"Please be advised that although you may qualify as a federal skilled worker, we also asses your medical and criminal admissibility. Unfortunately we won?t be able to determine your daughter?s medical admissibility without a medical examination, wich will be assesed by medical authorities in Port of Spain. Please note that medical examinations are issued once you have passed the selection criteria....

We decided to go for it, and sent our papers on Aug 15. It?s better to take the risk that to give up before. Good luck, I also need it.

Dan Lea?o

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