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Subject: PPR
  Hi all,

I am working on H1 visa in USA. I am an indian citizen currently. After application for canadian PR, I got a new passport because the old one was damager. My new passport contains the old passport number on the last page.

When I applied for PR, I had the old passport and so had mentioned the old passport number in my application.

When I receive PPR, do I send my new passport AND old passport; or only the new passport?

Please advise urgently. Thanks a lot in advance.

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We are EXACTLY in the same situation.

This is what we plan to do. Our old Indian passport has our H1-B visa but all other pages are canceled and our new one well it is new but without the H1-B.

Our application also has only the old passport number.

This is what we plan to do:

We will send BOTH passport by Fedex with an accompanying letter that we have renewed our passport recently (give dates) and that our USA status is on the old one and our new one is enclosed too.

I don´t know if that is what are we supposed to do but it seems the most sensible thing to do. So we will definitely send BOTH passports.

I am sure that CIC knows what to do in this case, it must be fairly common.

Maybe others have experienced the same!

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My son´s passport has changed after when I received PPR request. I sent both passports together and things were fine... He had valid H1B in old passport and new passport was balnk.. they stamped PR visa in new passport.
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