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Subject: I'M NOT SHY
  Sometimes people post things that can not be answered without getting myself in trouble BIG time. So I pass.

I post my web address so if they want privacy they could e-mail me directly and if it is detailed I can send them a bill. So far I have only had one client from something I posted here so I do not do this for the money. If I don´t answer is because it is not complicated problem or it does not interest me.

Someone stressed out called me today and said I had not responded to their question and I explained I must of missed it. He felt I was ignoring him, why? I was with a client and another counsel but I answered his questions. They were nice and asked a couple of more questions and I think they got the reply better then what they expected. Stress does strange things to certain people.

Dealing with CIC and CBSA is a real stressful project and when it gets close to a hearing or interview sometimes people FLIP. These officers are controlled to the most part by the manuals so read them well and know your rights.

Adaptability is the thing they will deal with in interviews. You plan to go to this city so what will a two bedroom apartment cost?

Remember answers should be common sense and the guy going east of me good luck.

Investing time with my son-bye


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That was true, I called Roy and he was very helpfull. I have an interview, he was nice and answerd all my questions and I appreciated that!!!. He could have said no but he actually helped me.

Thanks Roy so much

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You are indeed a great guy! You help people all the time and give probably the best advice around here. It was you who inspired me to help others in need. If I am really sure of the answer, you will see me answering some "easy" questions here as well.

I just hope that you not die hungry some day, like most charity givers. Most immigration consultants or lawyers charge for the same answers you provide here for free. I know now that the answers to most immigration questions are in the CIC manuals, but.. I didn´t know about the manuals until you told me about their existence. That was probably the most valuable answer you´ve ever given me.

I encourage anybody reading this to address all questions to ALL readers of this forum, not just to Roy. In future I will try to ignore questions addressed to just a specific person. Some people seem to be insulted by the fact that Roy doesn´t reply to a question, but also feel insulted if someone asks them to pay for a correct and precise answer. Just like anywhere else where people are involved, the odds that you find a jerk among a group of people is directly proportional to the amount of people in that group. Our group may be smaller, but the odds still exist (as we can see regularly).

Roy, Sharon, all other "regulars": Keep up the good work and don´t be discouraged by anyone! Before I turn into an immigration expert myself, I will still need you! :) My IA is getting closer every day, I am saving all my (stupid) questions to you for my own time of desperation :)


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