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Subject: Temporary Travel Document
  I am very confused about the temporary travel document.
I have lived in Canada for the last 5 years but recently came back to Mexico for the last 6 months.
So i have the eligibility of Permanent Resident.
I applied for the new PR card before i left but did not recieve it in time.
Now I am told i have to go from Cancun to Mexico City where the Canadian Embassy is to apply for my temporary travel document, but it costs over $250 to fly there and back and seems pointless.
I have my landing document, mexican passport and canadian SIN card.
I would like to go back to Canada soon.
Can i get through US customs without the PR or temporary travel document?
What happens when i get to canada without either? Is there a fine? Do they take me to the side in a room at customs?
If no airlines will let me travel to Canada on their plane, and i have to get my temporary travel document from Mexico City, can i apply via mail, email or fax? Or do i have to travel there in person? Do i get the temporary travel document the same day i go to the embassy?
I don?t have very much money and rather not have to do things I don?t absolutely need to. Please help.

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