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  Hi All,
Last week i went for my PR stamping. I never been in Canada. I wnet to Ottawa for my Stamping. I entered through 1000 islands in New York. When I entered I straight went to customs. They saw my papers and entered my info into database. I have couple of passports with me and in one of the passport there was one mistake which is very difficult to find it out. I have entered in US so many times but not single time they found this mistake but here this guy found it and asked me why this 2 diffn dates. I gave him explanation and he aggreed on it. I was impressed by that. I gave my good to follow list to him and he asked me all cost of it stamped it and gave it to me.
From there I entered into Canada and started driving towords Ottawa.
The major diffn was Miles vs Kilo meteres. Roads are comparable to US ones. There is no tail-gatting on raod and people drives according to the speed. Directions are in English and Frech and preety explinatory. I was driving inside I had feeling that They belive in Public Transport more than US. I drove inside Ottawa city and I was surprized that I didn´t hear any single honk. Generally during Monday morning if U drive any down town there will be rush and lot of honks but here nothing like that. I liked it. People are very friendly with diffn culturals. I was thinking about moving here but now I have decided about moving there ASAP.
I saw one article about how Canadian Goverment is giving lot of PR to outsiders so that they can work for their baby boomers , I would like to say to that this is happening all over the world and Canada is no exception to that.
Just though that I should put my experiance

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Thanks for your posting your experience. Can you please put your timeline here as well?
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Hi Su: Glad to hear your landing went so well! Ottawa is a fantastic city; we are considering it as well. I also love the French influence, which is quite unique outside of Quebec (and quite different than the Acadian villages you will find in New Brunswick or on Cape Breton), and I find it to be an exciting and vibrant city. It is small enough to be personal, but large and diverse enough to find anything you might want. Congratulations on your landing, and best of luck to you in your new Canadian life! :)
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You can grow together side by side with other Canadians and make a better life for everyone.

This is your new home....

Welcome to Canada!

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