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Subject: Police Clearance Cert.
  Hi everyone, m glad to see such a helpful website. I got couple of questions and will be happy if someone can answer them for me.
I lived in North America (mainly US) for around 9 years (overstay) out which i spent 1 and half years in Canada sought refugee status which was denied than went back to US, got my Bachelors in CS than came back to Pakistan and currently working. I wanted to apply for canadian immigration. How can i get Police (FBI) clearance? should i send them my fingerprints with a money order?

Will my previously applied refugee case become an obstacle for me because i went back to US without informing Canadian immig.(of course a very bad move)?

Thank you for taking your time


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I am answering only your question pertaining to obtaining your US FBI fingerprint record. Follow this link for further instructions:


You can also find valuable info in Appendix B of the Visa Office Specific Instructions for Buffalo. You can find it here:


Good luck finding the rest of your answers!


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The second you made a refugee claim in Canada you were issued a removal order.

Normally it would be an exclusion order but could of been a deportation order based on your personal circumstances.

Depending on what stage of the process you left it could of remained an exclusion order or become a deportation order.

Exclusion orders are normally for one year but can be for two years in certain circumstances. A deportation order is for ever.

If you try to return within the time frame of the exclusion order (ie: 1 year) you will need to ask for the consent of the Minister to return. If the year has already expired no consent necessary.

If you had a deportation order you will need to ask the consent of the Minister to return.

Application for consent to return is $400.00 Canadian.

Good Luck


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I am staying in Italy since 5 years and planning to file canada immigration file. I saw on canada immigration site and they says that we should give police clearance certificate from each country we stay for more than 6 months.

Does anybody know where should I apply for this certificate in Italy?


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You did not look hard enough.. :)
On the same website there were the visa instructions for Rome/Italy. Read Appendix B, it tells you what you need.


In bocca al lupo!


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Thanks everyone for your replies, i appreciate the great help.

Roy you mentioned that i might have an deportation order depending upon at what stage i left canada. I filed for Federal appeal as soon as my case was denied by IRB and while my appeal was in process i left canada. Can you tell me if you think i have an deportation order or an exclusion order?

Should i even think about applying for canadian immigration since I messed up by filing refugee claim and than leaving canada?

Please reply..
Thank you

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I´ve been here in Italy, since 2005, but until now I doesn´t have a permit to work. My visa was already expired. I´m now applying for Canada, can I possibly get a police clearance, here in Italy? I´m having ahard time to thinking, how can I possibly appliy for that.
Maria Elena
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