PR in Canada and spouse visa in the U.K.

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Subject: PR in Canada and spouse visa in the U.K.
  Hi. I am originally a Filipino citizen who just recently passed the interview for immigration to Canada. Presently, I´m still waiting for the issuance of my visa.
The thing is, my girlfriend (also a Filipino citizen) who is currently working in Thailand as an expat has just been accepted to work in the U.K. and was offered a 2-year contract and is due to start this coming November 2006.
When I arrive in Canada, I will just wait for my PR card to be released, then I plan to go to the U.K., marry my girlfriend and live with her temporarily until her contract expires; then go back to live permanently in Canada.
I have 2 questions:
1.) Is it possible for me to acquire a temporary spouse visa in the U.K. (assuming my wife has a working visa) while at the same time holding a PR status in Canada?
2.) Will I be able to work legally in th U.K. holding a temporary spouse visa?

Any comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Ivan, I think that you will be allowed to work in UK.

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