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  Hi Friends,
I had sent a mail to CIC,Detroit asking about my status. They have sent me a document along with their reply. That letter says that I need to send my passport along with the fee(490$). should I take that as official document or should I wait for hard-copy ?

and other thing is how many days I have got on hand before I have to send my passport ? I mean for how many days I can wait. The letter says that Visa is valid till April 07. Would that mean I can send the passport for stamping anytime before Apr 07?


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Can you share your timeline.
Good luck

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Mine are:
Applied: Feb 05
AOR: Mar 05
IELTS rsult: Aug 05
RCMP/Finger Prints: Oct 05
xfer to Detroit: Feb 06
IA & Medical: Apr 06
PPR: 4th Aug 06

I am not sure how long can I wat before I need to send my passport ?

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why you want to wait??? why dont you send it right away? are u planning to go abroad? if not then just send it as soon as possible.

good luck

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