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  Hey all, I was wondering,i´m from St. Lucia and i am a PC/Network Technician and i am looking for a job to apply to and eventually a job offer! I think this will definitely improve my chances of getting in. Those of you who have job offers from Canadian companies, how did you get through? Websites? Calling? Any advice. I Need a job offer from a company so i can proceed with my application. Thanx for your advice.
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I got a job offer from a friend of a friend who lived in Canada. Its who you know that helps in this game. Have been in Canada three years. It is hard to get approved for a job in Canada as the company has to prove that they have tried every means possible to employ and train Canadians first and that they NEED a foreign worker. Is a lengthy process I´m afraid.
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Dear Shane, honestly no company gives a shit to such process while there are hundreds of people looking for a job in Canada. why would an employer hire somebody they have never seen in person, never heard of, never had the opportunity to know your skills ...

One day when you land in Canada you will understand even for landed PRs finding a job is a long long long time process hope you do not give up and feel hopeless or find yourself doing some shitty jobs in Canada like many others...

When you check those job list sites and find a job that suits your qualifications there is something you can do to evaluate racisim and discrimination yourself..

Please try it this is great fun :

a. Prepare two CVs/Resumee
1. in one of them give your real name and status, (PR)and talk about all your experience skills etc. give ´accurate´ information,
2. in the second CV/resumee prepare a ´fake´ one with a Canadian name, sound as if you are Canadian, mention less education, less experience compared with your first one...
b.Write/send your application letters to all those job providers, and wait for their answer, ...

ASSUMPTION: a. PR application : Although you have more experience or education as a PR in Canada only a few of them will reply you becasue you are a PR and the reply will be ... NO... thanks... and some speech ACTS related to politeness... b. Canadian ´fake application´ for sure some will call you for an interwiev or ask for some information in details...

My intention is not to make you feel hopeless or sad but this is the reality, and my suggestion above is taken from a PhD thesis, from UBC callled ´ Hidden Discrimination and Racism in Canada´ you can find it among those PhD thesis section at the UBC library...

Good luck

Reality bites
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Hey there Shane - its really NOT that hopeless. My friend called HRDC who said that really its just a lot of red tape but the company is never refused their application for a foreign worker. One simple idea to get in the country - its what I did - is to find a charity in Canada and offer your services as a volunteer. That way, there is no job approval required and when in the country, you can find an employer to go through the process with you. Best is word of mouth and contacts - which you can get easier when you are inside the country. You´d obviously need money to keep you while you looked for the work though. Hope this helps.
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Juliet´s advice seems a very smart one, you can try that.
Reality bites
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