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Hi all I have to land in Canada soon as a Pr but my gf will join me later, if she comes over to Canada with a tourist visa and if we get married in Canada can she extend her tourist visa in other words can she stay with me during our sponcorship application ?
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What is your GF´s country of citizenship ?

If not on tourist visa, she can always enroll in some course.


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Anyone can apply for anything whethere they get approved or not depends on the reason for the application.

It is way faster regardless of the country to submit a spousal sponsorship application outside of Canada at the persons Visa Post.

If the partner or spouse is visiting someone in another country or Canada be sure to put there residential address on the schedule one form. That way they can continue on their vacation!


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We are both from Iran and she wants to come over to Canada to me, visitng me as a tourits and then we want to get married in Canada and are planning to stay together, .... (I am already a PR)
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first obstacle is for her to get her visitors permit.

inland applications are taking forever. She would be better off going home and waiting there. It would be painful on the short term, but she would be through the process faster.


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