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Subject: Canadian Police Certificate
  I would appreciate if somebody could give me advice. It is about the record on the criminal certificate.

I renewed my CAQ several days before the expiry of my visa, and after,I asked the extention of my student visa to Canada government. Since I had a valid CAQ, I was waiting for my new visa in Canada after the expiration of my old visa.But the Canada government refused my request because the documents were made after the expiration of my visa.

This time, I came back to Canada again with a valid student visa.And I am applying for the permanent residence.

In my case, on the Canadian Police Certificate, I am criminal because I was staying in Canada without valid visa?(But I had a valid CAQ)
Is it affecting my immigration process?

I would like to know your opinions. Thank you very much.


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Only the people at immigration can tell you if it will affect your case, as it is they who decide. However, I would say that despite having CSQ (CAQ), if you weren´t on a valid visa it could impact your case. It depends where you are from - some people are allowed in Canada without a visa - but if people from your country needs a visa and you didn´t have all the paperwork, it´s a crime.
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Thank you very much for your reply.

As long as I understood from the government´s webpage, according to the immgration law, I must not leave Canada unless I receive the decision of my visa(request) no matter what result it will be. It is correct, isn´t it?I am from Japan, but no matter where I am from, if I was overstaying, it would be a problem.

As you advised to me, I sould call CIC and ask how it would affect my cas.
But thank you anyways.

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