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I have an interview at Buffalo sometimes in April. I am an international student in Canada. My question is: Can I re-enter Canada with my Canadian student authorization visa when I finish the interview at the United State?
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I dont think so!! U have to have US visa to enter there!
according to my knowledge, if ur US visa expired during ur visit to US, then u can return on ur study permit.

Pls check with others also.


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I know that I need a visa to enter USA. But do I need a Canadian Visa to re enter Canada. Can I (from the USA) re-enter Canada with a student authorization visa?
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YES, you need a new Canadian Visa to re-enter Canada.
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You dont need to have visa to come back to canada
You only need to show your valid study permit and passport.
I wonder why some people who are not sure about something miss lead others.
Let us know who your interview goes.
Its most probably a sequrity interview. Its gonna take around 2-3 hours. dont worry about it. It most probably is because of your country of origin. The officers are very polite. Just tell them the truth and you are going to be okey.


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