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Subject: Is this normal?
  I had to take med exams twice because the doctor found a mass in my lung, finally they decided that it is not TB and the doctor said it is oK.

Because teh Buffalo did receive the med results from Ottawa, after issuing teh notice in May 2005. They sent me a two-month notice in Dec 2005 and told me that it they can not receive my med results by Feb 6, 2006, they will deny my application.

I call Ottawa and found that my med results sent to Buffalo on 01/15/2006. I faxed a letter to Buffalo IRPO telling them this. Yesterday I got a letter fro Buffalo asking me to pay Right of Per Residence Fee for two adults(child waivered) for $1640. I sent the check and Fedex showed that they already got it.

My question is:

1) Is this the normal procedure, to request fee first before they made any decision?

2): Does this mean anything in the approval of my application?

3:) When will they give me visa for landing?

Appreciate your help

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1) no not normal so it means a decision has been made :)

2) yes it does

3) anytime from few weeks to few months

4) congrats !

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Thanks for your advice.

1: Do you mean requesting Residence Fee indicate they have approved my application?

2: If yes, why they did not request my passport for stamps and visa?

Thanks a lot!

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Long Waiting,

When they had asked you for second examination, what kind of tests did you take? Were they the same like for the first time? Or you have to do something additional? (some microbiology tests regarding TB).

Also is there any chance that somebody can see his/her tests results?

Best Regards

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they can´t ask for your passport without receiving landing fees first, if you had paid them earlier, you would have received passport request instead of RPRF request.
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Many thanks for your helpful information.


My Dr referred me to a lung specialist, who did all kind of tests for me and informed my Dr that I am OK. Then my Dr sent out my results to Otawwa. About 2 months later, Otawwa Med Services requested that my Dr do another X-ray and send them all films, I did a second X-ray and My Dr said it is OK.

No other tests done.

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