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Subject: Background Info Request
  Hi everyone. Instead of receiving my IA I got an IELTS request and a background information form requesting my personal history from the time I applied (Octo 04) to present. I was enrolled in school the entire time but I took 4 months off to go travelling. Do I have to mention this in the form? I got a letter from my Uni to prove that I was enrolled in school during the period in question - so is the 4 months spent travelling an issue that needs to be brought up? Thanks for your help
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I would. Especially if you´ve traveled abroad as it would show up in the copies of your marked passport pages (if they´ll ask for them).
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IELTS request after 15 months from the application date. I guess we are never safe!
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Candice, important piece of information wanna share,
email me:

Candice, if you can show this four month was enroll into school or you didn´t travel outside Canada, I suggest you do not make your life complicated.

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List all information. Including the travel time. Do as they ask you to help finish the process.

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Thanks. I just sent it in the mail. Phew.* I mentioned that I travelled for 4 months but maintained my status as student by taking correspondence courses at my Uni. Hope this is ok and it doesnt cause any unforseen trouble.

My problem is that in my initial application for the requested time-frames I wrote Mar 01 to Oct 04 for instance (instead of Mar 01-present). So because I wrote the current date instead of "present", the fools sent me another background form requesting information from Oct 04 to present (Jan 06) delaying the process further. Such fools! I´m a bigger fool I guess.

Anyway thanks for all your help guys.

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well u should mention if you have been travelling. I mentioned travelling in my application as well and visa officer asked me during the interview that where did i go. I mean they will ask you questions about your background information so tell the truth.
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CIC will want to know exactly where you not leave any gaps in time...make sure you account for your whereabouts at all times...any gaps unaccounted for will give CIC reason to ask questions.

In additional IELTS exams are now an unwritten requirement as far as CIC is concerned. I have helped dozens of people with their applications, and have direct contact at CIC, and every applicant has been required to submit their IELTS results before CIC will make final considerations.

Feel free to email for any help:

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