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Subject: E-cas Status
  My E-cas application status is not changing at all. It says they received my application on nov 16th and they started working on it on dec 13th. there is no change to it since then. I received a requext for more medical test back in Nov which i did early Dec and send it to them. havent heard anything from them. My application is being processed in Canada. Is this normal or there is something wrong with my application?


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Its normal. Dont depend on e-Client.
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but then why they havent made a decision yet. Its more than 2 months now they said they process in 43 days whats going on
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I agree with Kenny. A decision was made on my case and e-cas is still say "in progress".
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I wonder if they even know how many people depend on that E-client feature that they advertise on their website.e-client is a fantastic source of most of the files lying in that office.
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e-client does not change regularly so dont even look at it. In my case, PPR is on its way and e-status is still in process.
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Hi Patel,

Just a little question. Who told you that the additional tests are needed? The doctor where you have your check or people from Ottawa? What was the problem (if you want to share)?

Thank you!

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I received a letter for from Immigration office I dont know if it was ottawa or not along with an envelop saying please take this to your doctors office and get the additional tests done.
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