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Subject: URGENT!!! Please Help
  Hi all,

DoA : June 16,2004
AoR : July 16,2004
IELTS: August 23,2005
IA : Oct 12,2005 (asked for medicals,police report from India, Bank
Balance and Landing fee)
MedicalsDone: Nov 14,2005

I sent a letter from India through register post (containing police certificate) to my cousin in Canada who was supposed to post it to Buffalo, NY with some additional documents (bank balance, landing fee $975).

For all these things I was given 90 days time and already I have crossed 80 days and the letter hasn´t reached my cousin yet.

So could anybody let me know what Iam supposed to do now. Iam afraid that I would cross the 90 days time period and they might refuse my application (all my efforts in vain)....

Please Help...

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Dear Suab,
No problem u just send a letter or fax informing them the genuine reason why u r late and ask them to extend the limit its just a request noting else....

Thanks Raman (in reply to: URGENT!!! Please Help)
Thanks Raman. Hope it works fine...
Re: urgent (in reply to: URGENT!!! Please Help)
Dear Saub I did not understand why you are not sending the documents again. you still can use some fast service to deliver it.
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