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Subject: Permanant Residency
  Dear all again,

We are in Regina on a Provincial Nominee Program, and I was wondering how long it takes for us to get our permanant residence. If we got our medicals done and sent them off with all our application form would this make the processing time quicker.

Thanks again


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you might want to visit this link:

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Je voudrais bien participer au processus d´immigration au Canada, en remplissant le formulaire necessaire. Alors fais-moi part de votre conprehenssion.

Pierre Linda
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Hi friends .. can u please help me for one thing .. I am going through a lot of problems here

I am working with a big IT company .. and I am trying to convince them to sign PNP forms for me.

They are looking into it .. as I am an international graduate did .. 2 years diploma from canada. According to the IT compnay its considered sponsorhip .. but i confirmed from immig .. they said its not sponsorship and I forwarded tht email to my employer ..

They are looking into it and researching about it. They are paranoid to sign it as they did say no to previous international student who was on post graduate work permit.

Can you please tell me how can I convince them .. its just the matter of signing out those two forms ? ALSO can u tell me if they would also required to sign Labour market opinion ?? yes / no

If you can provide me your email address I will really appreciate tht. Its a big thing for me as PNP takes a year and .. federal immigration takes 3 years and cant wait that long because of my family. So I would be so thankfull to you if you can suggest me about convincing them or giving me ur precious advice at this time.

Also can you tell me all teh procedure tht u went through .. how did u got ur PNP??


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