BFD and AOR ?? what to believe

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Subject: BFD and AOR ?? what to believe
  Hi there,
here is my story , i applied in Cairo office in 10/2004, the AOR arrived noting that the appliaction will be finished in approx. 2 years and if no one contacted me before 4/2006 then i should go to the embassy.
then i got my caips report last week and in it i found that the BF date is 10/2007??? so what i should believe ? if the BF date is around the date they will "START" processing my file then the whole process my end by late 2008 or early 2009 ??? so how come that happen , i have read all information about how to apply and prepared my file well and avoided all the mistakes that should make the processing time gets longer. so how come i get the longest time of processing ? (the time for cairo office is beteen 24-40 months)???

Subject: BFD and AOR ?? what to believe (in reply to: BFD and AOR ?? what to believe)
Hi Mezo,

we both have the exact same case, I applied the same time as u did, 10/2004 and they sent me the same message as you, Contact us at 4/2006 if I didn´t hear from them at that time (of course I didn´t hear anything from them) and also I got my CAIPS notes that the BF date is 10/2007, I really can´t figure out what´s going on there, like you I did everything by the book and I have all my documents including my IELTS exam and everything else in place, I am in a complete shock of this system and just thought of giving you a note that there are a lot of people like you and me with the same time line that are living the same ordeal with no logical of fair explaintion at all!!!!!

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