Can i extend my daughter's PR visa ??

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Subject: Can i extend my daughter's PR visa ??
  Dear frnds,
I am in Canada on my PR since 21 july,2005. My wife is also going to come Canada within 1 month. Due to some reason i wish to extend my daughter´s (age : 5 yrs.) visa which is going to expire on april-2006. Plz. advise me how can i extend her visa? which are the possiblities?
tks in advance.

Sanjay Patel
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Hey Sanjay

I am in a similar situation. I would like to know if it is possible for the applicant to enter Canada first as a PR without the spouse. Can the spouse follow later before the expiration of his/her visa.
When you enter first as a PR, did they give you a hard time asking you why your spouse is not present with you at this time and when she is going to land?

THank you

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Principle applicatants must enter Canada first or with the accompanying dependents.

All application must land in Canada and complete the PR application process before the time specified by CIC, usually before the medical expires.

Sanjay, you will not be allowed to extend your daughter´s landing date. If needed she can complete the landing process and return to your home country.

Anon: If you are the principle applicant you can enter first and have your spouse follow before the visa expires. If asked you can say you spouse stated back to finalize your affairs while you came ahead to establish your new home, they are not very picky about this.

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The PR visa can NOT be extended. Your wife and daughter MUST enter Canada before the expiry of the visa. If they do not then their visa will be cancelled and you will have to sponsor them.
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