Please ,Please Urgent- help Work experience Doubt

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Subject: Please ,Please Urgent- help Work experience Doubt
  Dear friends especially Kenny and anonymous ,
Thanks a lot for reply.
But I still have the doubt since the answer was not clear .
I have total work experience of 2yr and 7 months after graduation in NOC listed occupation of which 1 yr is continuous .After the 1 yr of continuous work , I took a rest for few months and then started to work again and worked for 11 months.Then again ,I took a gap of 6 months and has started to work eversince and has since been working for the last 7 months. So to calculate the total work experience can i include the 1yr continuous experience+ Gap + 11 months experience + gap + 7 months = 2yr 6 months experience .
The self assessment tool is confusing , since it only says of a minimum requirement of continuous 1 yr work experience which I have .But what about the work experience after that 1 yr ? Does the CIC officer calculate it on a pro rata basis. If they can give points for part time experience , why shouldnt they give points for my 11 months experience and 7 months experience eventhough there is a gap .If taken together it gives 1 yr and 6 months experience.
Pls help me.
I dont want towaste money by applying and getting rejected .

Thanks in advance ,

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Hi Syd,

The minimum work experience requirement is that you must have at least one year of continuous full-time paid work experience.

If you fulfill this requirement then all of your experience will be counted. So if you have all the proper documentation to prove that you have worked (tax returns, pay slips, reference letters, employment contracts) then you have work experience of 2 yrs and 6 months.

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