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  answers to your questions:

What is your expertise in IT?
- J2EE, WebLogic, WebSphere, Linux, Solaris.

Specific Skill Set?
- WebLogic/WebSphere admin, prod support for web & apps layer which includes apache, iplanet etc.

How many years of experience do you have?
- 9 years (around 5 yrs of US exp). i was in india, then in US, now back to india.

Is this experience in any of the companies we have heard of?
- Not much major clients have been big though at times like big US banks, insurance comp, FMCG etc.

Where did you get your Bachelors at?
- Bachelos & masters in delhi, India.

Was it in Eng. or CS?
- Did education equivalence check when I was in US, it´s equivalent to MS degree. MCA (master of comp app) is CS degree.

sam70 & D said,
stay in india. you will have more opportunities than canada in IT. believe me lot of IT people are crying and at the end they ended with odd jobs!! I just visited canada before two days and meet lots of people and belive me situation is not great as you think. Dont be in hurry if you have better job in india.

- it´s true that IT scenario is great in India, may be best in world. but life is not all about that. there is something called ´quality of life´ as well. i know people in US doing low level jobs in IT - their friends r team leaders/managers in india but they r admin/developers in US or so. but those US guys have better quality of life becoz of the environment, system, living in a developed country, less population, pollution, stress etc.

so, how wud u all compare US, UK & Canada in terms of IT industry & quality of life? If IT is not really hot in Canada, then what are hot?

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Good thoughts! Keep up
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right now nothing is hot here.
oh man its too cold today...
If u r looking for quality of life then dont waste even one more day there and come to Canada/US.
Don´t listen to these ppl who say there is no this no that.
I know so many ppl complaining about the job market and the so called Canadian experience and when I ask them for their resumes, just to have a look at it, may be there is something missing or something, to my surprise most of them DONT EVEN HAVE THEIR RESUME and the rest have it but not updated. No wonder they end up with ´a job´.
One of my friends went to Canada from the US and within one week he got a job in IT, Exchange server support to be exact.
Another got job in his field, Mechanical engineering, in one month in Alberta.
and one more important thing
´there are no mosquitos here man!!´

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It seems you have been mostly working through a contractor - which is not really a plus when trying to make a jump to a full time job.

I hear that the market is OK for J2EE and WebLogic; but nothing exceptional. Linux, Solaris are now becoming a tool for geeks sitting at home - sorry to say that.

Try to get some training on Perl, .NET apps and maybe some Database programming. There are a lot of jobs in California and around. Look up

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