mercury in humber river Canada

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Subject: mercury in humber river
I did water test of Humber and Credit rivers many years ago found water to be polluted to point where fish were dyeing.
Tests showed extreme Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, 50 ppb ,25ppb,
and 35ppb respectively. Very high in heavy metals. as we all
know in order to properly clean a river from these heavy metals you have to dredge the bottom of the river up to 5feet deep. I doubt the government or the city will invest
that kind of money to clean up those rivers. So go ahead and
eat those fish if you don´t value your life. Oh by the way I am a game warden I hold a bachelor of science degree from the University of California in 1982. graduate and major in
biology ,dendrology, botany and zoology. Moved to Ontario in the 1980´s.

Mercury (in reply to: mercury in humber river)
Hi Andy, thank´s for sharing - I don´t think this is known at all. I do fish in Humber River, but I do catch-and-release, I never eat fish from Humber River.

I suggest the same for others.


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