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Subject: 3 universities
I´ve recently been accepted to the Bachelor of Arts program in 4 great universities: UBC, Carleton, York, and Waterloo.

I get it a lot that Canadian universities don´t differ much in quality, and also that it´s hard -if not impossible- to find universities that emphasize liberal arts.

I know that UBC is probably one of the best choices within the list that I gave right now, but I´m starting to feel like I´d like to get a hang of a small school before I get into a big one like UBC. And a closer-knit school would probably suit me better than a huge school with such competition. So my question is, if I want to study Anthropology in either Carleton, York, or Waterloo, which one would be the best choice out of the 3?

I´m open to any opinions on these three universities (because we all know UBC is great). :) Thanks.


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