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Subject: WATERLOO (Math) vs UOFT (Life Science)
HELPPPP!! I got into both Waterloo and UofT and I am so lost. For Waterloo, I got into the Faculty of Mathematics (statistics) with Co-op. For UofT, I got into the Faculty of Arts and Science (life sciences). Which one should I choose (based on the program and the residence)? I don´t really want to live in Waterloo because it´s far from Toronto and I´m not that fond of "experiencing campus life" 24/7. In UofT (St.George) if I wanted to, I could probably get home in 30 minutes.
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The administration at UofT is quite terrible. An example of one is the Human Biology office so this may be relevant to you if you´re considering life sciences. The profs are fantastic, but the tas and "student advisors" of the Human Biology office just want the students to get out of their way. Asking a question is like you are intruding on their time when they could be reading a book or on the internet. I´m not sure about the other programs in Life Sci tho.

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