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Subject: Windsor Vs Laurentia.

Samiul Hasan
Windsor Vs Laurentian (in reply to: Windsor Vs Laurentia.)
I have been accepted in both Laurentian and Windsor aswell for their business program and just wanted to know which is better. And compared to other business schools ,how would u rank Windsors school of Business Odette.
I just want to be surre if i am making the right decision

Samiul Hasan
(in reply to: Windsor Vs Laurentia.)

I dunno, I think that both undergrad programs would be fairly similar in the end when you´re looking for a job.

I go to Laurentian, and although I´m not in that program, a lot of my friends are. From what I hear from them, its not a bad program, they study, they have a social life and the class sizes are small. Apparently for the business program here, the second year is notoriously hard, but with hard work, you´ll get through it.

I hope this helps.

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