UBC, U of Toronto and SFU?

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Subject: UBC, U of Toronto and SFU?
Hi, I am a high school student and I was offered admission into University of British Columbia, Okangan for Management, University of Toronto, Mississauga for commerce and Simon Fraser University for Business administration. I was hoping that someone can provide me with some opinions on which I should chose by considering factors such as reputation, location, quality of education, job prospects in canada and outside of canada and so on. I was also wondering about whether or not the difference of not being on the main campus of toronto and UBC will affect the recognition of my degree in any way? And if so, does any one know whether or not it is possible to transfer in my second year? My area of interest would be commerce but I´m still unsure.

I am really Interested to go to U of T however, from what I have read the Mississauga campuses B.COM is totally different from the main campus and sucks, plus there are too many students in U of T and the grading system and student life is horrible. My application to UBC vancouver´s commerce program is still pending so I guess I would have to settle with these options first...what do you guys think?


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