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im moving to canada from hong kong in a couple of months to start university...
anyway, ive got to decide where im going soon, but im really confused... and am not really sure of where to go so itd be awsome if i could get some opinions of the following unis and programs...

okie dokie so ive gotten in to:

U of T Scarborough- International Development Studies co-op/ specialist

Ryerson- Arts & Contemporary Studies

McMaster- Humanities I

Queens- Arts (if i went here i´d like to get in their global development studies program)

Laurier- BA Honours Arts

Trent- Arts (I´d like to major in either cultural studies or global studies)

York Keele- International Development Studies

York Glendon- International Studies

Simon Fraser- Arts and Culture

Concordia- Major in sociology and anthropolody minor in judaic studies

basically this is what ive heard about canadian universities so far:

u of t scarborough: boring, worst u of t campus to be on, people are really square/ good rep, good program

queens: snobby

ryerson: high school-ish, im not in one of their known programs/ awesome vibe, creative, artsy, innovative

McMaster: good for pre med stuff

Simon Fraser: depressing, people want to switch to UBC/ BC´s version of ryerson, nice dorms

York Keele: rapists, racism/ good for social sciences

Trent: middle of nowhere

... i´d like to get into music journalism or journalism journalism in the future...but dont want to study journalism because i want to learn my subject rather than spend four years learning how to write/ ethics/ laws... maybe ill do somthing with journalism for a masters...

...oh and i dont speak french if that makes a difference

oh and if anyone knows about music scenes in the places where the unis ive gotten into are , that would be awesome too!!


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Goto U of T.. because i know in Hong Kong they actually have heard of it.

The programs are not that great at scarbrough campus... but try to get downtown Toronto.

I would suggest laurier, but their arts program is a joke. Laurier is known for its Honours Bachelor of Business Administration program, and the degree is really well recognized.


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