Benefit of going Schulich York or Ivey at Western

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Subject: Benefit of going Schulich York or Ivey at Western
I´m a highschool Toronto in Canada and I´ve heard a lot of hype about going into Western´s Richard Ivey and York Schulich directly from high school. Why is the general admission´s average 90+, what is the benefit of doing undergrad in these schools over schools with business programs where the admissions average is 80? To anyone who has been accepted into these schools or people who you know have been accepted, what was the admissions average and types of activities you placed on the supplementary application? Im wracking my brain out here considering Schulich or Western also contemplating science and Im aware that with science courses it will become quite difficult to achieve that 90+ admissions average so ahhh basically! In your opinion, does having degrees in these schools really have a considerable benefit over having business degrees from other schools? Thank you in advance :)
Side note, is anyone personally acquainted with current or prospective pharmacy school students who are science majors. I know it´s possible however rare!


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