UBC or McGill for Anthropology?

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Subject: UBC or McGill for Anthropology?
Here´s my current situation:
I used to live in Vancouver, but with all the real estate prices going up, I doubt I can live there comfortably. On the other hand, when it comes to the Montreal I am completely clueless as to where everthing is even though I pretty sure I can save a lot more money. Scholarships are also limited to UBC; it doesn´t seem like McGill offers a lot for those taking the IB or to someone that is out of the province.

Anyways, thanks!

Lavinia Chiang
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UBC is more prestigious if you plan on working in Asia or the west coast USA, McGill is more prestigious if you plan to work in the northeastern USA.

If your just planning to stay in Canada after graduation, take the UBC money.


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