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Subject: Waterloo or U of T - Mathematics
This year I´ve applied to these two universities alone. I have a 92 average or so, and high 90´s in calculus. I´ve already been accepted to U of T Trinity College, and I´m tempted to go there to study mathematics especially since it´s an honor to be accepted to Trinity. But on the other hand, I don´t think U of T has any Co op mathematics programs where Waterloo does. I hear a lot about Waterloo being better for undergraduate studies too. So I´m just curious, I applied for the pure mathematics in both schools, and I just wanted to hear some opinions about both schools. Right now I´m leaning more towards Waterloo.
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My name´s also Dean, and I´m in my first year at UW mathematics. I´ll tell you that it would be far better to go for UW.

1) UoT is huuuge, and it´s easy to get lost. I´ve heard horror stories of first-year lectures with 500 students. Do you really want to learn in a huge auditorium and maybe never know the professor?

2) I know UoT Engineering has the option of a co-op year off between the 2nd and 3rd years. I´m not sure about math, but at UW you can take between 4 to 6 co-op terms. Plus, people will much better hire someone with work experience after you graduate.

3) UoT is great for MBAs, masters, PhD,s, etc, but undergraduate levels don´t make much difference. Do you think first-year Harvard classes are THAT much more sophisticated? But in five years if you apply for graduate school, yes it will be better to go for a top-notch school.

4) I have the impression that UoT is a commuter campus, so student life may not be as great. One of my housemates goes home to Etobicoke every weekend, but there are fewer commuter students.

Good luck on your application!

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I agree with the above poster. Go to Waterloo. UofT sucks for undergrad.

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