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Subject: Getting accepted to Schulich...
I´m in the process of applying to Schulich, to their iBBA program. Right now it is my ONLY choice of university, I´m strongly convinced I want to study at Schulich, so if I don´t get accepted I´ll be so disappointed. That´s why I´m trying me best to do an outstanding job on my application.
I have a few questions. My first is, is there anybody here that has gotten accepted to Schulich´s undergraduate programs? I´d really like some pointers and advice for the application from someone who got accepted. What can I do to make my application stand out, what are they looking for?
Also, my essay writing skills are not very good right now so does anybody know where I can go to get my essay questions and application reviewed, proof-read and edited? I don´t want to get just anyone, and I don´t care how much I have to pay as long as it is someone with experience in the field and maybe someone who has specifically worked at Schulich and knows what the admissions officers are looking for.

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tis skool is for losers!
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Just get a 90% average, no less, they don´t care about anything else.

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