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Subject: Racism in Canada - Go Abroad to Teach!
To whom it may concern,

I heard about your website from watching W5 on CTV. I could not forget this
website and I will tell you the reason why.

I am a Canadian citizen born in Kitchener and raised in Mississauga. I was
born to two parents who immigrated to Canada, my mother came to Canada in
1969 and my father in 1971, the Trudeau era. I read everything in your
website and I strongly agree to everything in your website. However I think
that justifying the cold weather as a reason not to come to Canada is not
rational, man cannot control mother nature. All other reasons such as job
discrimination I agree to 100%!

Although I am a Canadian citizen born and raised, I will admit that I love
Canada for its heritage, diversity, natural landscape, and civil liberties.
Unfortunately I as a Canadian citizen has faced the same dilemma as several
immigrants of colour. Yes I have received educational opportunities and I am
also licensed to work as a teacher, but the reason why I was faced with the
same dilemma as immigrants is simply because I am a black person.

If Martin Luther King was still alive today, he would have written a speech
to shame down Canada. Unfortunately he is dead, his wife also passed away, and
we have nobody to really stand up in tactful radical action for immigrants
who are ostracized and disenfranchised.

It is because of this kind of disenfranchisement why I as an educated black
professional teacher decided to pack my bags and start my teaching career in
Korea, because Korea has opened the doors of opportunity for me and I owe a
lot to Korea because of that.

I don´t want to tarnish my country, I wear the poppy to remember the
sacrifice that our Canadian soldiers made for freedom, but unfortunately
Canadians are tarnishing our freedom to perpetrate job discrimination
against people of colour who are either immigrants or black men like me who
are Canadian citizens.

Now that I am working in Korea, I am living very comfortably in a nice
apartment (bigger than the one I had in Windsor, ON) and I do not have to
pay rent as a foreign worker. My utility bills are far more cheaper than
what I would pay in Canada, and the public transportation system is more

Now and then as I meet the people of Korea, I will tell them, even their
young people that if they learn English very well, if they want to leave
Korea and live somewhere else, my recommendations for them would not be to
live in Canada, neither the US. I would recommend for Koreans to live in the
UK, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, South Africa, or any country
where English is spoken and they could get opportunities there for high
paying jobs. If Koreans ever wanted to come to Canada, it should have been
30-50 years ago, but not now! Canada´s immigration system is in a complete
mess! Shame on Canada, shame on Stephen Harper, I am so embarrassed to be
Canadian because of this mess!

Sheldon Walters
formerly in Windsor, now in Korea
sheldonw_7 @ hotmail.com

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Nothing has changed. It is still the same BS. My family and I came to this country from Germany some 53 years ago. We children became Canadians and integrated into this society. We spent all our time going to primary, elementary junior high and senior high schools. graduated with the highest honours, then went on to Universities and again graduated with the highest honours(BA, BSC. MBA and PhD) I even receive the Governor- General´s best student of the Year Medal Award. We conducted all of our studies part in French and part in English, so not only did we become fluent in both official languages but we also strived to learn others languages including our mother tongue. So today I end up speaking 5 languages in written and spoken form.

I worked some 5 years at semi-senior jobs just to gain experience as they said. We followed every trail to build a future for us. Every dedicated efforts were geared towards building a future; a good career so so say. But to our surprise all was in vein. We became well educated slaves that were only good for menial jobs.

We were not surprised to find that most of our supervisors and Directors were people that did not even finish high school. We knew these people since we went to school with them. Oh!! by the way: Canadian High School Diploma is in quality a UPS ( and that is not a United Parcel Service) this UPS means a Useless Piece of S.... It is not worth the paper it is written on.

Although further down the path Canadian Universities are simply superb. They are very good institutions. Much better when compared to US Universities. 80% of Canadian High School graduates cannot even properly formulate an idea and/or write in French or in English proposal, let alone formulate a proper arithmetical practical function.

High school graduates from Haiti and/or Cuba can do much better. All you have to do is to hire an immigrant, then compare and find out for yourself. Those that have dared to hire an immigrant have won high price professionally. 3/4 of my family returned to Germany and regained their professional status and live much happier lives then those that have stayed in Canada.

To obtain a good job in this country you evidently must be English-Canadian and/or French-Canadian born in this country and have attached to you an English and/or French name. Nothing more and nothing less is appropriate. Yes reality is such.

In short, I simply call it; Canadian idiots at work. Mediocrity is their standards, and hidden racist actions are their controller is the motto by which they live. The sooner you realize this the sooner you will return to your first countries. This country does not deserve you. Most Canadians have no clue as to what it means to be well versed and educated. They simply think they are, but far from it. Canadian are not.

I hope that my message is loud and clear. Good Luck to all of you
Chris Engelhardt

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The person who posts these things is pathetic. You should see his english - it´s a joke. No wonder he can´t get a job here. He´s so bitter, he´s angry enough to commit murder. What an old world mentality. No wonder he couldn´t adapt to Canada. He would probably strangle his daughter if she refused to wear the traditional costume.
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Agreed. I wouldn´t hire him either, even if he was a Canadian... too angry and annoying.
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It should be clear to anybody with half a functioning brain that Canada offers nothing but a lack of reward and despair for the ambitious.

And an allegedly bilingual system of government is itself not only clearly dysfunctional but also perpetuates dysfunctionality throughout the country. When the best jobs are government jobs and when only bilingual applicants may succeed in that regard, where is the incentive for any person to immigrate to Canada? There is none.

The small-minded, xenophobic protectionism that is rampant in Canada condemns New Canadians to the same fate as those who have never spent the time, nor the effort nor made any commitment to Canada.

Indeed abusive foreign visitors passing through are afforded more respect and courtesy.

While I do not counsel or condone it, I have come to verily believe that Canada probably deserves and needs race riots and other major insurrection. The depth of anger within recent immigrant groups in particular should not be shrugged off and glossed over in typical Canadian fashion.

Playing God with and squandering people´s life savings, their hopes, their dreams and their quality of life surely cannot continue without an adverse reaction.

The smug, racist, whites-only hiring networks encourage a response like this when there is allegedly a jobs boom but yet none is visible to most non-white immigrants.

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Thank God that this website exists to broadcast the truth about Canadian dishonesty, corruption and racism. Had it existed before my own immigration to Canada then I would never have left England.

Each day I have to spend in Canada being pushed further and further down reminds me how vastly superior England is by comparion.

Immigrating to Canada has largely been a disaster for the immigrants but a leeches´ feeding frenzy for the federal Canadian government, unscrupulous Canadian employers (which is virtually every last single one of them) and Canadian banks. Immigrants have enriched Canada monetarily and perhaps culturally but Canada has generally given them nothing in return.

And established Canadians wonder why so few immigrants throng in the streets on Canada Day or attend the Remembrance Day ceremonies? Stupid is as stupid gets.


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