Should I stay back another semester?

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Subject: Should I stay back another semester?
Hi, here´s my situation:
I want to get into Civil Engineering into Waterloo because of their excellent co-op option . They require at least an 80 average. Without english, my average would be in the mid-high 80s, but english is what drops my average. English is not my fist language so it is hard for me. In grade 10 i got 57, in grade 11, i got 55 :(
So should i wait another semester and retake english IF i don´t get accepted this year (and save some $$ for tuition) or should i go to UofT or Queens or wherever i get accepted?

I´m looking for an all-around university that has lots of extra-curricular activities and has CO-OP available. O and BTW, i want to get out of Ottawa.

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If I was in your position, I would not come back. It is evident that English is not your strong point, and you have to accept that. By coming back, chances are you´ll probably only increase your mark by a few percent, hardly worth coming back a semester for.

But this is just my opinion, so best of luck to you.

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You won´t get into UofT engineering with a lower average and all universities require English grade 12. Get into whatever engineering program you can, study hard during 1st year and transfer to Waterloo. Good luck!

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