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Subject: Move to the USA
Here´s my Canadian Experience.

I came to Vancouver, Canada in May 2001 with my wife. I´ve experienced most of what the hundreds of disappointed immigrants have reported on this website. We stayed there for less than 14 months, and moved to New York in 2002 for a job offer that was way better than what we were getting in Canada.

Keep this in mind when you insist on migrating to Canada:

1) Never give a serious thought to the "Study to upgrade your professional skills" or so they say to match the supposed "superior" Canadian standards. It is by my observation a Gov´t sponsored scheme to help fund the Canadian Education system. You can study all you want but there is NO Guarantee that you will land a job in your field of expertise. That is already an established FACT as told by the hundreds of posts here in this forum.

2) Always keep your options open for a alternate job opening in the U.S. You stand a better chance of getting your credential(s) accredited in the U.S. and putting them to good use working for the Americans.

3)Don´t beleive in the Canadian propaganda that "they are the best destination" (for immigrants) or that they are the most tolerant. On the contary these Canadians have a lot more to learn on how to handle cultural diversity.

4) A single full time job in the U.S. ($20- $25)is the rough equivlent of two (2) menial jobs ($8-$11) in Canada. You always start out as a part timer (5 hrs/day) there compared to an 8 hr/day start in the U.S. You can live a decent life in the U.S. even with one person working to support two persons. You have far less taxes to deal with and you can buy a lot more stuff with your wages working for the Americans.

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Hi NotCanada Fanboy.

Why do you keep copying and pasting letters from the website?

Because you don´t have a disclaimer or introduction to your posts, it looks like you are pretending to be these people.

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience in Canada but this is the way I look at it: You are either very mean-spirited to keep posting these threads all the time without trying to engage in any discussion. Or you are a racist pretending to "warn" immigrants away from Canada. Oddly enough, although I hate racism and racists, I would have more respect for you if you were the latter.

But I will never know, because you are a spammer, and a pathological one at that.

Take care NotCanada Fanboy. I won´t bother replying to your threads anymore, at least on this forum.

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Leaving Canada, the best thing a Canadian can do.

Here are some of the reasons that I am a firm believer for the past 10 years or so that for a Canadian, the best thing to do for your life, career and future is simply -> to leave Canada.

Realities of Canada:

1) No jobs, No opportunities

Yes, this is true. Why? Because the market is completely saturated. There so many Bachelors degrees being pumped out of Universities across Canada that a B.Sc. or a B.A. has become completely useless.

People graduated after four or five years of undergrad and find themselves unemployed. Or (if they are lucky) working full time at the place they were working part time as a student.

Canada is a dry well for jobs, no matter how many times you throw in the bucket, you won´t come up with any water. Some mud perhaps.

2) Immigration patterns have ruined the country

Yes, this is true. Unlike the U.S. that invites people to all places. Canada has people clustered in only three area -> Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

What is the result of this? Thousands and thousands of Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc all jammed packed liked sardines in small areas.

They are working in factories, driving taxi cabs or delivering pizzas. Then when their children grow up they have the immigrant dreams, but since there are so many of them in these areas that all the spots are taken!

3) Why do this new generation stay in Canada then?

Good question. The answers are surprising simple -> insecurity, lack of self confidence, being very stubborn, refusal to face reality, false belief that Canada is better, inability to leave the parental home.

This is especially common among certain minorities that have a culture that promotes grown men and women to live at home with their parents.

The culture promotes elitism, where they only associate with the same type. (Further adding to the total lack of community feel that exists among Canadian cities. No assimilation or integration whatsoever.)

This new minority generation has been so brain washed by their parents, that they lack the self confidence to move to another place and achieve their goals and take advantage of the great opportunities that exist abroad. Hence, they stay and suffer in Canada.

Suraj Mukherjee
surajmukh @
Coral Gables, Florida

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I have seen your website ( and I really admire your effort to help people immigrating to Canada to avoid a real waste o time, money, and effort.

But, I think that your website has no use if you do not include it in google and yahoo searchs, for example, when someone searchs for "immigration canada" it would be great if your website appeared in the search list because that way people could notice it and read it.

I personally would not have had immigrated to Canada had I seen your website before, in my country the canadian and quebec consulates are really "selling" the idea that Canada is a great place to live and work and that is the reason why so many people go there, waste their time and money just to end up going back.

This situation helps canadian local people live at a luxury level, that is very unfair.

We should try to lower immigration into that country because it is a total fraud. Canadians are totally fake people, they just take care of their image a lot, but inside they are all racist.

I hope something can be done to place your website in google and yahoo searchs so that people can see it ahead of time and do not immigrate there, to the land of "waste"


J.M. Red

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The person who posts these things is pathetic. You should see his english - it´s a joke. No wonder he can´t get a job here. He´s so bitter, he´s angry enough to commit murder. What an old world mentality. No wonder he couldn´t adapt to Canada. He would probably strangle his daughter if she refused to wear the traditional costume.
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Hi all. I would just like to share my opinion as an international student who have been living in Calgary for over 2 years. I am not an immigrant and I am not thinking to immigrate to Canada. So, I guess I could be a neutral observer. I came from well educated family from Saudi Arabia and I have an established life and great job.

I have to agree with people who are saying that Canada is a land of shattered dreams based on the immigrants opinions whom I met personally. It is really sad that each immigrant I met ask me to find him a job in Saudi Arabia or in another gulf country. I haved lived in United states for two years doing my Master degree and now I am doing my PhD in the University of Calgary. I found American people so friendly and nice with foreigners. Yes, one or two guys dealt with me in a racism way but there is no perfect nation and we have to be realistic. However based on my experience the vast majority of Americans were really pleasant to be around. In contrast, I really found Canadians so racist.(most of whom I met !)...I am saying that based on my personal contacts with them. They look at any colored skin man as retarder and poor. For example, I did went to stores and I noticed that the employees "white skin" would ignor me intentionally. I have too many example I can tell "including examples inside the Universities" but I don´t really want to make my article long.

My conclusion is that Canada is not a good place for immigrants with high degrees. If you have good degree and want to immigrate to another country to enhance your skill go to United States because Canadians don´t respect education "even from their own Universities". Also, remember the fact that Canada is not really a highly industrial country. They don´t need PhD or Msc, because someone with Bachelor degree can run most of their companies. I can tell because I found a huge gab between the graduate education and the level of the researches between the United States and Canada.

I would like to give a message to white Canadian who look down to colored skin people. Hay wake up, there are many people who have much better life and careers than you so try to go out from your ignorance. The only reason why too many immigrants come to your country is the massive fake advertisments that your government make in each newspaper in every country around the world to beg people to come to Canada.

I really never thought there exist such a racist place until I lived in Calgary. We have a Japanese neigbor who comes to my wife everyday. She speak flount English and she married a Canadian Man. She told my wife that she has a depression because of bad social life of Candaians...She couldn´t know or make friends with any Canadians of her neigbors although she is very nice and outgoing. She said Canadians don´t get along with others
We really feel sad for her because we are leaving in a year or so back home.

Waleed Naif

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