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Subject: Question about PHD Admisiion
Good Day
I´m Jordanian living in Dubai, I´m thinking of Studying
Phd in Mechanical Engineering
I contacted a proffesor at one of canadian universities and he told me that he would be probably accept me as a Phd student under his supervision, however he cant give me a formal confirmation till I submit an application
The problem that the GPA required at that university is higher than mine. Plus I didn´t make the TOFEL test yet, I´m going to make it 2 weeks from now
So any one can help, I didn´t contact the Proffesor nor the university since he sent me the email, I wanted to make sure if the condition concerning the GPA is somhow flexible or not since I have 2 research paper, one of them in press and the other is waiting for acceptance to be published

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You will not get a serious response here. Do not believe any posts on this message board.
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Just give it a try.
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GPA requirements are flexible, more so than TOEFL (though that can be flexible at some schools too). The fact that you have published work will weigh heavily in your favour. I think you should write the TOEFL and try applying.

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